YouLive Statement

0 Comments 11 April 2014

We have taken down ticket sales for YouLive. We do not control the revenue from the ticket sales for this event. At Ticketbud we offer a service that allows anyone to setup and manage awesome events. For this particular event the organizer chose to connect their own payment processing instead of using our payment processing. [...]

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Sponsorship with Team Velox Rota

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Sponsorship with Team Velox Rota

0 Comments 11 April 2014

Ticketbud is proud to announce our sponsorship for Team Velox Rota.   Team Velox Rota has raised over $725,000 for Multiple Sclerosis! Way back in 2005, the first team consisted of 18 people and raised $12K. In the years since then, they have grown into the largest Friends and Family team in New England and [...]

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Faster Check-in With Ticketbud’s New Guest List

0 Comments 08 April 2014

For every event organizer, their guest list is their life line. Whether it’s the last line of defense against technology issues or the only method of check-in, a printed guest list is a valuable resource to help make getting people into your event as seamless as possible. To help make that process even smoother, Ticketbud [...]

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Announcing Ticketbud’s App Update

0 Comments 04 April 2014

Your check-in and registration process is your first interaction with your attendees. To help you make a great first impression, we’re excited to announce the release of a powerful new update to the Ticketbud check-in app! The app, which allows organizers to scan the barcode on an attendee’s ticket as well as manually check them [...]

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Control Your Sales With Scheduled Ticketing

0 Comments 02 April 2014

Managing your tickets just got a whole lot easier! With Ticketbud’s new “Ticket Sale Scheduling“, organizers can now set a start and end date for their tickets to be on sale. Whether you’re setting up Early Bird Tickets, Limited-Time Tickets or just want to control the availability of a certain ticket type, you can now [...]

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Introducing Ticketbud’s “Find Your Friends” Promotional Feature

Comments Off 31 March 2014

When it comes to promoting and marketing an event, good organizers know that the best publicity comes not from paid ads or sponsorships, but from the words and recommendations of friends and colleagues. If someone knows a friend is going to your event or gets an invite from that friend to attend, a validity and [...]

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4 Key Marketing Stats To Drive Registration: When to Post, What to Post & How to Improve

Comments Off 28 March 2014

There a lot of different metrics and measurements event marketers use to help increase promotion and drive registrations. Before you start wading through the murky waters of the world wide web searching aimlessly for the right metric for your event, check out 4 key stats we’ve collected to help take your event marketing to the [...]

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3 Reasons Your Student Org Needs To Graduate To Online Ticketing

Comments Off 19 March 2014

Any college student knows that all kinds of events are happening both on and off campus and the price of admission to these events vary from free to inexplicably over-priced. Several issues attached to traditional admission will easily compromise the reputation of your organization and hurt future attendance. Online event management helps relieve some of [...]

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The 4 Ways You’re Confusing Your Attendees (& how to avoid them)

Comments Off 18 March 2014

There’s nothing worse than seeing an organizer work their tail off on an awesome event, only to have their hard work thwarted by a handful of errors that leave their guests confused and frustrated. These errors can lead to angry attendees and poor ticket sales and the worst part is most organizers make these mistakes [...]

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Last Minute Event Ideas For The St. Patty’s Day Procrastinator

Comments Off 14 March 2014

  Just now deciding to host a St. Patrick’s Day event, leaving you with only the weekend to get it together? Well, my procrastinating friend, you’re in luck! Here are some quick and easy ideas to get your St. Patty’s Day event up and running! You can find the photos recipes, tips and more for [...]

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