How to Segment Event Audiences For Proper Targeting

Posted in Spotlights on June 27, 2018

Although it’s an easy mistake to make, it happens all the time. Organizers look at their event goers and assume that they’re all the same. Reality could not be further from the truth. Attendees have a lot of different reasons to go to an event, even if all of the interests happened to result in Read More »

Referral Link Tracking And Affiliates For Events

Posted in Spotlights on June 13, 2018

If you want an easy way to track the success of your online marketing efforts, look no further than referral links. Referral links are URLs with an additional tracking function that allows you to see tickets sold and revenue generated from people that viewed your ticket page via that URL. Furthermore, referral codes show you Read More »

The Basics of Event Website Creation and Optimization

Posted in Spotlights on May 31, 2018

Creating an event website is an important step to take in creating a strongly branded experience. However, getting a good website up and running can be incredibly difficult. You have to consider the website URL, hosting, who is going to design it, what it will contain, and the attendee experience. This isn’t even considering the Read More »

Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 13 - Eric Olsavsky of Pelotonia

Posted in Spotlights on May 24, 2018

Eric Olsavsky is the Director of Business Development at Pelotonia, a nonprofit organization. Pelotonia is a grassroots movement to end cancer, with 100% of all rider raised dollars going to cancer research at the Ohio State University Cancer Center and several other research centers. It is centered around a bike ride, with riders raising money Read More »

Effectively Communicating And Implementing Changes To Your Event

Posted in Spotlights on May 23, 2018

There are times when you need to make changes to how your event is structured for a number of reasons - cost being the biggest factor. However, these changes might not always be well received by the public. It’s a challenge to change the price, but it’s also a challenge to change how your event Read More »

How To Use Ad Retargeting On Attendees As An Event Organizer

Posted in Spotlights on May 17, 2018

Retargeting - it’s when you see something on Facebook or Instagram that you swore up and down that you had just talked about or visited. Also called remarketing (Although we’ll call it retargeting for this post), it’s also something that is massively overlooked by most event organizers. Not only is retargeting cheaper than traditional marketing, Read More »

Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 12 - Abby Sandlin of Forefront Networks

Posted in Spotlights on May 17, 2018

Abby Sandlin is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications and Forefront Networks in Austin, TX. Forefront Networks has years of experience in live and proprietary events, brand enhancement, and sponsorships. Today we speak with her about her learnings, as well as an upcoming event that has seen a massive makeover in terms of presentation. Read More »

Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 11 - Richelle Ouellette of Alchemy Events

Posted in Spotlights on May 14, 2018

Today in Ticketbud Tidbits, we interview Richelle Ouellette, Co-founder and Head Planner of Alchemy Events. Richelle has created a lot of successful events and has even done receptions for First Ladies. You can listen to the podcast below. The topics of conversation include communication, choosing a venue, and what to look for when hiring planners Read More »

How To Use Google Analytics For Event Organizers

Posted in Spotlights on May 9, 2018

Learning how to use Google Analytics something every event organizer should do to learn more about their event’s audience. Google Analytics provides data on where site visitors are coming from, how they interact with your site, and information on ticket purchases. It is a very powerful tool but it’s also really easy to set up Read More »

Facebook Marketing For Events

Posted in Spotlights on May 4, 2018

Facebook marketing for events is one of the best ways to attract more attendees and help grow your revenue. In this post, we’re going to give you a step by step guide in setting up Facebook marketing for your event. We will discuss how to use Facebook Pixel in conjunction with your Ticketbud event page Read More »

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