You Get What You Pay For

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When I began writing for Ticketbud a little less than a year ago (my my, time flies!), we had recently transitioned our pricing model from a fixed fee per event to a per-ticket “service fee”..  It was admittedly not the smoothest transition. Whenever you radically change a pricing model, you’ll always be on the receiving […]

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Contest Giveaway: 1 Year of Gleam


If you caught our 8 Social Media Tactics webinar, you might remember our bit about ticket giveaway contests. We harped on why giveaways are great for events and provided some best practices to get started. Totally recommend checking out the webinar if you haven’t yet. We recommended for ticket giveaways. Their platform makes running giveaways […]

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Ticketbud Widget Showcase III

Ticketbud Ticket Widget Showcase III

In my past widget showcases (One and Two, respectively) I’ve talked about the power of branding with your own widget site, as well as the advantages of utilizing Ticketbud’s event registration to have your site gain more visibility. This time, I’m going to talk a little bit about optimization for your website so that you […]

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Snapchat: Event Organizers Best Friend

Snapchat 101

Event promotion is tough. There are so many things going on and it takes something awesome to stand out in the crowded social landscape. However, Snapchat is perfectly suited for promoting an event and building an audience. The key is to tap into what makes Snapchat better than all other social media platforms: accessibility and time.

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Influence: Get Exclusive

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Do you want to sell more tickets to your event? Do you want higher profit from your tickets? Of course you do! Read on for this special blog post only for Ticketbud blog subscribers… Okay, so this totally isn’t a special blog post just for subscribers, but it made you more interested, right? Right? *Crickets* Exclusivity […]

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Social Media 101: Best Practices for Events

By now you’ve no doubt know that you should be using social media to promote your event, you’ve heard all of that before now. “But, where? When? How?”, you may ask. Great question. Each social media platform is different and has a different audience. Knowing your events audience allows you to then figure out where […]

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Event Tech Isn’t Your Savior

Event Tech Isn't Your Savior

If your event was going to suck without technology, it’s probably also going to suck with the newest #eventtech, too. I’m a big fan of event tech, but only when it adds to your conference and creates a synergy. I love seeing Tweetwalls, video recorders, and other interactive elements and I’m always the first of […]

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Your Event Needs Customer Service

Customer Service

Let’s throw out all of the cliches now – no battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy. It costs less to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. If you haven’t already figured it out, nothing ever goes 100% as planned. And let me quote advisor and politician Rahm Emanuel when he […]

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