Why Ticketbud?

Credit Card Processing For International Events (UK, Ireland, Canada & Australia)

Posted in New Features, Spotlights, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tools, Why Ticketbud? on July 1, 2014

If you're hosting an international event outside the US in UK, Ireland, Canada or Australia, you can now utilize credit card processing to host your event for free on Ticketbud! Using our Stripe integration, you can now let your attendees pay a small processing fee on their tickets, allowing you to manage your ticket & Read More »

What Organizers Need To Know About Our New Event Dashboard

Posted in New Features, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tools, Why Ticketbud? on June 13, 2014

As we looked at all the new features we've come out with already in 2014, we found our Event Dashboard was becoming crowded. Having a constantly growing set of tools for you and your attendees is awesome but we needed to reorganize a few things to keep the event process as simple and seamless as Read More »

Know More Tools, Sell More Tickets With Ticketbud's Webinars

Posted in Ideas & Themes, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tips and Tools, Ticketbud Tools, Why Ticketbud? on January 8, 2014

A lot of preparation and work goes into planning, organizing and executing an event and, at Ticketbud, our job is to make online ticketing and registration the easiest and most seamless part of that process. To help you as you sell tickets, promote and manage your event, Ticketbud now provides weekly webinars covering a variety Read More »

Book Rooms. Change Lives: Ticketbud + Hotels For Hope

Posted in New Features, Why Ticketbud? on January 2, 2014

When purchasing a ticket to your next event on Ticketbud, you may notice something new on the confirmation page after your complete your purchase. Thanks to a new integration with our partners at Hotels For Hope, ticket purchasers can now also book a hotel room close to the event without ever leaving the Ticketbud site. Read More »

2014: The Year To Make Your New Year's Resolution A Reality

Posted in Community, Ideas & Themes, Spotlights, Why Ticketbud? on January 2, 2014

For many of us, every New Year seems to follow a predictable pattern. We make grand plans of losing weight, being more active in the community or whatever our goal may be only to have that plan fade as the days go on. As many of us at Ticketbud can attest to, motivation is easy Read More »

Ticketbud Integrates With Socialvents

Posted in Event Marketing, New Features, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tools, Why Ticketbud? on November 21, 2013

We first demonstrated our API integrations designed to help promote and publicize your event with our Eventful integration. Now we've added another one! We've integrated our ticketing platform with another event discovery site, SocialVents, to help bring more attendees and, most importantly, more ticket sales to your Ticketbud events. Now, when you publish your public Read More »

Socialize Your Events With Ticketbud's New Instagram Photo Wall

Posted in Ideas & Themes, New Features, Spotlights, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tools, Why Ticketbud? on November 11, 2013

Whether it's providing a seamless Facebook integration or a free Check-In App that lets you scan users tickets with your smartphone, we love helping our event organizers and their attendees do more with their events! That's why we've created our brand new Instragram Photo Wall, which leverages the power of hashtags to allow organizers to Read More »

Ticketbud's "Interactive Event Page Editor"

Posted in Spotlights, Ticketbud Tips and Tools, Why Ticketbud? on September 25, 2013

In looking at event creation processes across the industry we noticed one consistent, glaring problem; the space where you edited your event page was completely separate from the page itself. In other words, you could not tell what your creation and edits would like without be forced to go to another page to see them. Read More »

Fantasy Sports Made Simple: Collect Payments & Registration For Your League

Posted in Ideas & Themes, Spotlights, Ticketbud Tools, Why Ticketbud? on August 15, 2013

Bust out the projections, listen to your most trusted analysts and start pretending you're the world's smartest GM: it's fantasy time! Whether you cruised to a league championship last year or crashed and burned on that "sleeper pick" strategy that just didn't pan out, a new year is another chance at repeat glory or redemption, Read More »

Talk to Ticketbud & Win!

Posted in Just For Fun, News, Spotlights, Ticketbud Tips and Tools, Why Ticketbud? on June 28, 2013

At Ticketbud, our work is never done. We operate in a constant state of development, working hard to improve the experience of our service to event organizers and attendees alike. While stats and graphs provide a lot of insight, our most valuable reflection of how we're doing is YOU! Some of our best ideas and Read More »