New Features

new features

Announcing Ticketbud App Update

Posted in Ideas & Themes, New Features, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tools on April 4, 2014

Ticketbud App Update! Your check-in and registration process is your first interaction with your attendees. To help you make a great first impression, we're excited to announce the release of a powerful new update to the Ticketbud check-in app! The app, which allows organizers to scan the barcode on an attendee's ticket as well as Read More »

Control Your Sales With Scheduled Ticketing

Posted in Event Marketing, New Features, Promotion & Planning, Spotlights, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tools on April 2, 2014

Managing your tickets just got a whole lot easier with scheduled ticketing! With Ticketbud's new "Ticket Sale Scheduling", organizers can now set a start and end date for their tickets to be on sale. Whether you're setting up Early Bird Tickets, Limited-Time Tickets or just want to control the availability of a certain ticket type, Read More »

Introducing Ticketbud's "Find Your Friends" Promotional Feature

Posted in Event Marketing, New Features, Spotlights, Ticketbud Tips and Tools on March 31, 2014

When it comes to promoting and marketing an event, good organizers know that the best publicity comes not from paid ads or sponsorships, but from the words and recommendations of friends and colleagues. If someone knows a friend is going to your event or gets an invite from that friend to attend, a validity and Read More »

Measure Your Marketing With Advanced Email Invite Reporting

Posted in New Features, Ticketbud Tips and Tools on February 24, 2014

Tired of sending out email invites to your attendees with no idea who is opening them, clicking on them or if they're even being delivered? We feel your pain. That is what we have introduced advanced email invite reporting. Rest easy knowing exactly what happened to your email invitations with our Email Statistics Panel. The Read More »

How-To Resize Your Event Image

Posted in New Features, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tips and Tools, Word to the Wise on January 28, 2014

Have you tried to upload a banner image for your event? Have you had issues with the image not fitting correctly? Here is a how-to to show you how to get your image to fix correctly.(The optimal dimensions for the banner is 660px x 236px) Go to Pixlr  and click 'PIXLR EDITOR' Click 'Create a Read More »

Book Rooms. Change Lives: Ticketbud + Hotels For Hope

Posted in New Features, Why Ticketbud? on January 2, 2014

When purchasing a ticket to your next event on Ticketbud, you may notice something new on the confirmation page after your complete your purchase. Thanks to a new integration with our partners at Hotels For Hope, ticket purchasers can now also book a hotel room close to the event without ever leaving the Ticketbud site. Read More »

Multi-User Access: A Safer Way To Share Access To Your Event

Posted in New Features, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tools on December 3, 2013

Whether you're planning a small supper club or a huge charity gala, organizing and managing an event is a massive undertaking. It's wise to rely on others to help with your event but with more people assisting comes more security concerns. At Ticketbud, we understand how important it is to have the tools necessary to Read More »

Collect Your Data With Custom Form Fields

Posted in New Features, Spotlights on December 2, 2013

Including a shirt with a ticket purchase? Want to give your guests dinner options? Now you can allow your guests to select their shirt size, choose between "chicken" or "fish" and more with our Custom Fields Feature! Created based on the feedback of our organizers & attendees, this feature makes collecting custom data easier than Read More »

Holy GIF! Put GIF's on your Ticketbud Event Page

Posted in New Features, Spotlights on November 22, 2013

Who doesn't love a good GIF?! These endlessly looping video clips are all over the Internet and, now, they can quickly and easily be embedded directly onto your Ticketbud event page! GIF's are a great way to add dynamic content to your event page and catch the attention of your attendees. You can add GIF's Read More »

Ticketbud Integrates With Socialvents

Posted in Event Marketing, New Features, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tools, Why Ticketbud? on November 21, 2013

We first demonstrated our API integrations designed to help promote and publicize your event with our Eventful integration. Now we've added another one! We've integrated our ticketing platform with another event discovery site, SocialVents, to help bring more attendees and, most importantly, more ticket sales to your Ticketbud events. Now, when you publish your public Read More »