Creating Memorable Event Branding And Assets

Posted in Event Marketing, Ideas & Themes, Spotlights on May 1, 2018

A key part of having a strong, successful event is having memorable brand assets. The first part, of course, is getting branding down for your event. Everything else you do, from designs to tickets, to value propositions, flows from your brand. Once you have your brand down, the next step is creating the actual event Read More »

Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 10 - Corina Frankie of Brand Besties

Posted in Spotlights on April 27, 2018

On today's episode of Ticketbud Tidbits, we speak with Corina Frankie of experiential marketing and staffing firm, Brand Besties.  Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that directly engages with potential customers and allows them to participate with the brand in a different way than normal. Most of the time, you're watching commercials. There are a Read More »

Handling Event Security For A Great Event

Posted in Spotlights on April 20, 2018

Event security is a phrase that can put a lot of organizers on edge, especially in this day and age. Events are targets because they bring large groups of people together. While we shouldn’t be living life in fear of what might happen, you should always be prepared, but more importantly, you should be vigilant. Read More »

Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 9 - Paul Schomer of Microsessions

Posted in Spotlights on April 19, 2018

"Speed dating for live music", as Paul Schomer puts it, embodies the nature of Microsessions. A former NPR musical digital producer, Paul was inspired into action by a musical act that went on way too long because musicians kept being added. The resulting Microsessions has proved to be a great success, with shows in Austin, Read More »

How To Create Successful And Safe Family-Friendly Events

Posted in Spotlights on April 13, 2018

Planning a successful and safe family-friendly event requires a lot of knowledge to get correctly. There are many more elements to developing this type event than almost any other kind because you have 2 target audiences to contend with: the children, and the parents. -Online Ticket Sales You could have the best family-friendly event in Read More »

Event Ticket Pricing Guide

Posted in Spotlights on April 6, 2018

Have you ever felt that the amount you’re charging for tickets is lacking structure and foundation? Are you struggling to break even, or even become profitable with your events? Part of having a profitable event is having one that people are willing to pay money to go to. And not just willing to pay, but Read More »

The Ultimate Event Check-In Guide

Posted in Spotlights on March 30, 2018

Welcome to the Ticketbud Check-In Guide! The check-in process is important to master because first impressions are everything. The ideal check-in process is seamless, with as little friction as possible. Remember that people are coming from their world to enter the world of your event, so it is up to you to facilitate the transfer. Read More »

10 Questions To Ask Your Nonprofit Event Management Software

Posted in Spotlights on March 21, 2018

Events and galas can be huge revenue drivers for nonprofits. I know of one nonprofit that establishes its entire budget for the year based off of its one annual gala. However, galas and events are difficult to run on paper, so you need to find a powerful nonprofit event management software. Searching for a new Read More »

Is Your Event Canceled? How To Avoid The Backlash

Posted in Spotlights on March 16, 2018

It’s a dark and stormy night, and your event just happens to be outside without any cover. Unfortunately, event cancellations just happen sometimes. Speakers cancel, equipment doesn’t work, or, as I mentioned, sometimes it just gets rained out. While we hope that your event never gets canceled, you should definitely be having an event cancellation Read More »

Blockchain-Based Ticketing Solutions - The Future, Or Hype?

Posted in Spotlights on March 15, 2018

What if the only way you could buy tickets was through paying with Bitcoin? At this point in time, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been hot topics. You might have even heard about what a blockchain is before in relation to Bitcoin. What if I told you that right now there are efforts to make ticketing Read More »