7 Reasons Why Ticketbud is the Best Alternative to Eventbrite

Posted in Spotlights on September 19, 2016

A lot of event organizers have been asking, what are the best alternatives to Eventbrite? It makes sense - as the biggest company in the self-service ticketing industry, there will be a good number of people that find its features lacking. Not to say that our competitor is a bad site, it’s just that it’s Read More »

2 Trends In Event Registration Software

Posted in Spotlights on September 7, 2016

"The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed." -William Gibson, author of Neuromancer The more things change, the more they stay the same. You might find that funny as an intro for a piece about trends in event software, but it’s true. When you think about why event registration and ticket Read More »

2 Ways to Make Your Event Exclusive

Posted in Spotlights on August 16, 2016

It’s been said before but I’ll say it again here: exclusivity sells. Nothing makes people want something more than to be told they can’t have it (don’t believe me? Talk to anyone with a toddler and they’ll tell you it’s true).   But how does this have anything to do with your event and ticketing? Read More »

Essential Design Tips for Event Websites Part 1

Posted in Spotlights on April 21, 2016
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We've talked a lot about different ways to plan, organize and promote events here on the Ticketbud blog. Most of the time we tend to focus on the promotion and how, as an event manager, to get what you need done in as easy a way as possible. Which makes sense, promoting an event can Read More »

Facebook Events - Read Receipt Apocalypse Now

Posted in Promotion & Planning, Spotlights on September 17, 2015

I love the sight of read receipts in the mornin'. If you thought it was frustrating to send a text to someone only to see the read receipt with no response, Facebook knows how you feels. That's why they're also introducing that same read receipt feature to to events so that you can see who Read More »

Contest Giveaway: 1 Year of Gleam

Posted in Spotlights on September 2, 2015

If you caught our 8 Social Media Tactics webinar, you might remember our bit about ticket giveaway contests. We harped on why giveaways are great for events and provided some best practices to get started. Totally recommend checking out the webinar if you haven't yet. We recommended for ticket giveaways. Their platform makes running giveaways Read More »

Ticketbud Widget Showcase III

Posted in Spotlights on August 27, 2015

In my past widget showcases (One and Two, respectively) I've talked about the power of branding with your own widget site, as well as the advantages of utilizing Ticketbud's event registration to have your site gain more visibility. This time, I'm going to talk a little bit about optimization for your website so that you Read More »

Influence: Get Exclusive

Posted in Spotlights on August 11, 2015

Do you want to sell more tickets to your event? Do you want higher profit from your tickets? Of course you do! Read on for this special blog post only for Ticketbud blog subscribers... Okay, so this totally isn't a special blog post just for subscribers, but it made you more interested, right? Right? *Crickets* Exclusivity Read More »

Event Tech Isn't Your Savior

Posted in Spotlights on July 23, 2015

If your event was going to suck without technology, it's probably also going to suck with the newest #eventtech, too. I'm a big fan of event tech, but only when it adds to your conference and creates a synergy. I love seeing Tweetwalls, video recorders, and other interactive elements and I'm always the first of Read More »

Your Event Needs Customer Service

Posted in Spotlights on July 10, 2015

Let's throw out all of the cliches now - no battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy. It costs less to retain a customer than to acquire a new one. If you haven't already figured it out, nothing ever goes 100% as planned. And let me quote advisor and politician Rahm Emanuel when he Read More »