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5 Steps to Running A Successful Pop-Up

Posted in Ideas & Themes, Promotion & Planning, Word to the Wise on February 3, 2016
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Pop-Ups have become a huge sensation during the past couple years and it's easy to see why. They open and close all within a matter of a few days, speaking to the changing tastes of new generations. Pop-Ups are also a lot like events. They have definite start and end times, require renting out space, Read More »

Best Damn Tailgating Guide

Posted in Events, Ideas & Themes, Sports and Recreational on September 29, 2015
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Crisp evenings, leaves changing color, brisk bite to the air. These are all signs of Fall that frankly, we don’t get here in Austin. What do we have? Football. Football, the greatest of human endeavours and harbinger of autumnal weather, is how we know that seasons are changing in other parts of the country. And what we Read More »

Fiesta: Cinco de Mayo

Posted in Ideas & Themes, Just For Fun on April 30, 2014


Time to pull out those sombreros, maracas and dust off  your margarita pitcher, Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner! Want an amazing Cinco de Mayo fiesta? No worries Ticketbud amigos we have your back. Whether you're planning to celebrate with your familia and closest compadres or just want to host an amazing fiesta Read More »

Faster Check-in With Ticketbud's New Guest List

Posted in Ideas & Themes, New Features, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tips and Tools, Ticketbud Tools on April 8, 2014

For every event organizer, their guest list is their life line. Whether it's the last line of defense against technology issues or the only method of check-in, a printed guest list is a valuable resource to help make getting people into your event as seamless as possible. To help make that process even smoother, Ticketbud Read More »

Announcing Ticketbud App Update

Posted in Ideas & Themes, New Features, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tools on April 4, 2014

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Ticketbud App Update! Your check-in and registration process is your first interaction with your attendees. To help you make a great first impression, we're excited to announce the release of a powerful new update to the Ticketbud check-in app! The app, which allows organizers to scan the barcode on an attendee's ticket as well as Read More »

The 4 Ways You're Confusing Your Attendees (& how to avoid them)

Posted in Ideas & Themes, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tips, Word to the Wise on March 18, 2014


There's nothing worse than seeing an organizer work their tail off on an awesome event, only to have their hard work thwarted by a handful of errors that leave their guests confused and frustrated. These errors can lead to angry attendees and poor ticket sales and the worst part is most organizers make these mistakes Read More »

Last Minute Event Ideas For The St Patrick's Day Procrastinator

Posted in Ideas & Themes, Just For Fun, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tips on March 14, 2014


  Just now deciding to host a St Patrick's Day event, leaving you with only the weekend to get it together? Well, my procrastinating friend, you're in luck! Here are some quick and easy ideas to get your St. Patty's Day event up and running! You can find the photos recipes, tips and more for Read More »

The Top 3 Reasons People DON'T Attend Your Event

Posted in Ideas & Themes, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tips and Tools on February 18, 2014


A popular speaker. A new business strategy. A raffle prize. Free cookies. It's easy to think of reasons a person should go to your event and, indeed, many organizers devote the majority of their time trying to figuring out their biggest attraction. While this is definitely an important use of time, it is just as Read More »

How To Give Your Event A Social Media Personality All Its Own

Posted in Ideas & Themes, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tools on February 12, 2014


One of the most powerful ways to promote your event is to give it a voice and a personality. If your event can “speak for itself” it becomes an entity completely separate from any event organizer or organization and creates a brand attendees will start talking to and following. The best way to create this Read More »

6 Ways To Boost Your Event Attendance Without Busting Your Budget

Posted in Ideas & Themes, Promotion & Planning, Ticketbud Tips, Ticketbud Tips and Tools, Ticketbud Tools, Word to the Wise on January 27, 2014


One of the most difficult juggling acts an event organizer must do is balance a budget. While there are hundreds of tasks to be done that purchases to be made, they still need to be done cost-effectively for the event to truly be a success. Crafty organizers know spending more doesn't necessarily mean more of Read More »

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