How To Sell Tickets Online For Your Fundraiser or Charity Event



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Hosting a fundraiser can seem daunting – you’ll have to find the perfect venue, plan and organize the itinerary, find entertainment and eventually sell tickets. You also need to be able to keep your costs down so you raise the most money possible! Ticketbud can help you streamline this process, making it easy to promote, manage and sell tickets online.

Here are some easy tips to promote your fundraiser online.

Word of mouth promotions: free and easy

Friends and family are great resources to promote your fundraiser. Try asking family, friends and co-workers to try and sell 5 tickets each to their friends and co-workers. Remember to give them some of the details of your fundraiser: will there be live music? Food? Drinks? A raffle? This information will help your circle of friends get the word out about your event. Using word-of-mouth to promote your fundraiser is great because it’s absolutely free, and your family and friends are often eager to help.

Using social media for your fundraiser

Putting your event on Facebook can help you reach a large audience

We can’t stress the importance of using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote your fundraiser online. Almost everyone has a social media presence these days, making these websites crucial to your fundraiser’s success. Make an “event” for your fundraiser on Facebook, and post statuses to remind friends to buy their tickets. You can also post the link to your event’s Ticketbud page, where your guests can RSVP to your fundraiser and buy their tickets online.

Twitter is also an excellent resource for event promotion: everything you tweet has the potential to get retweeted, helping your event reach an even wider audience. You can use LinkedIn to reach out to your professional contacts about your fundraiser. This is just one more resource to explore when selling tickets online and promoting a fundraising event.

JoshuaTree1How to use Ticketbud to promote a fundraiser

From email invitations to promotional codes, Ticketbud has everything you need to sell tickets to your next fundraiser.  Plus, our great pricing model keeps the cost of selling tickets low: we want you to keep the most of your money, and we provide you with a centralized place to keep your money and your tickets in line.

Using “Suggested Donations” gets big bucks

Instead of having set ticket prices, try using a “suggested donation” to buy a ticket! When asking for donations, people often make the mistake of letting guests set their own amount, which usually results in low donations. This happens because guests aren’t sure how much is appropriate to donate to a fundraiser, and opt for something like $1 or $5. However, if you set a suggested donation of $10 or $15, guests are more likely to donate that amount or even more! This tip is very useful and is an easy way to maximize your fundraiser’s success. Mercedes Benz  of Austin used Ticketbud for their Fashion For Compassion fundraiser, and used the “suggested donation” technique. By using Ticketbud and setting suggested donation prices, they had their most successful fundraiser yet!

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