10 Questions To Ask Your Nonprofit Event Management Software

Posted in Spotlights on March 21, 2018

Events and galas can be huge revenue drivers for nonprofits. I know of one nonprofit that establishes its entire budget for the year based off of its one annual gala. However, galas and events are difficult to run on paper, so you need to find a powerful nonprofit event management software. Searching for a new Read More »

Is Your Event Canceled? How To Avoid The Backlash

Posted in Spotlights on March 16, 2018

It’s a dark and stormy night, and your event just happens to be outside without any cover. Unfortunately, event cancellations just happen sometimes. Speakers cancel, equipment doesn’t work, or, as I mentioned, sometimes it just gets rained out. While we hope that your event never gets canceled, you should definitely be having an event cancellation Read More »

Blockchain-Based Ticketing Solutions - The Future, Or Hype?

Posted in Spotlights on March 15, 2018

What if the only way you could buy tickets was through paying with Bitcoin? At this point in time, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been hot topics. You might have even heard about what a blockchain is before in relation to Bitcoin. What if I told you that right now there are efforts to make ticketing Read More »

The Importance of Setting Well-Defined Goals For Your Event (And Achieving Them!)

Posted in Spotlights on February 15, 2018

Did you know that most New Year’s Resolutions have failed by this point? Read on and you’ll discover why most events never achieve what organizers want, too. Everyone has a goal when they want to run an event. It might be to make a certain amount of money. Or, you might want to educate people Read More »

Google Begins To Clamp Down On Ticket Resellers

Posted in Spotlights on December 13, 2017

No less than 30 minutes ago, I received an email in my inbox: “Google Adwords Policy Update - Upcoming Event Ticket Resellers Certification Program”. It’s likely that I received this email because I work for a company called Ticketbud, although we do not handle ticket resale. This is a big deal - for a long Read More »

The Top 5 Things Organizers Get Wrong At Check-In

Posted in Spotlights on October 11, 2017

Happy Wednesday, readers! I had the privilege of being part of a check-in process for a local event this past weekend. It was successful, but I also realized that there was room for improvement. In fact, a lot of organizers have an inefficient check-in process. The problems associated with a poor check-in experience can escalate Read More »

Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 8 - Cindy Lo of Red Velvet Events

Posted in Spotlights on August 9, 2017

Cindy Lo, DMCP embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of Austin, Texas. Formerly working in tech, but wanting to do something new, she founded Red Velvet Events all by herself. The company is now 25 strong due to her successful leadership. She's also (as you might expect) an expert event planner, and well studied in everything event Read More »

How To Choose The Right Event Management Software

Posted in Spotlights on July 19, 2017

As an event organizer, choosing the right event management software is extremely important for your success. Having spoken with organizers, many of them expressed that it had been difficult to find a software for their event. The difficulty comes from not knowing what they wanted, as well as a lot of time wasted on calls Read More »

Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 7 - Bruce Willenzik of Armadillo

Posted in Spotlights on June 21, 2017

Bruce Willenzik absolutely exudes the spirit of Austin. It makes sense - he used to work at the venue responsible for Austin being named the "Live Music Capital Of The World": The Armadillo World Headquarters. Shouldering decades of experience in running successful events and concerts, there probably aren't many people who are better to hear Read More »

Ticketbud Tidbits Episode 6 - Nicole Marie Events

Posted in Spotlights on May 31, 2017

Nicole Marie Hughes is an events master. She owns her own event company (Nicole Marie Events) and is branching out to create Rebel Weddings ( for clients that want a more "epic" wedding experience. Today on Ticketbud Tidbits we talk about her experiences in weddings, how to make money as an event planner with your Read More »