Relax! Your Attendees Received Their Tickets


When using an online ticketing service like Ticketbud, you rely heavily on email. You send invitations and event updates via email and your guest’s tickets arrive over email. This, inevitably, raises one big question in every event organizer’s mind: “How do I know if my attendees actually received their invitation/tickets?” This used to be a problem. Not anymore!

As Ticketbud continues to design and implement new features and tools, we are now proud to announce our latest reporting tool giving you powerful insight into the email activity associated with your event! If you send out invitations, we will report an updated status indicating that your invitations have been processed, delivered and opened. We do the same for your customers tickets as well.

You can access this convenience directly from your ticket sales page, and from your invitations page.

Ticket Purchases:





Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 12.06.33 PM

No longer will you have to worry over the question of “Did my attendees receive their tickets/invitations?”. This incredibly valuable tool will make your event planning and organizing a little bit easier. Its your event, you are in charge!