Sponsorship with Team Velox Rota

Posted in Causes to Care About, Community, News, Spotlights on April 11, 2014

Ticketbud is proud to announce our sponsorship for Team Velox Rota.
Team Velox Rota has raised over $725,000 for Multiple Sclerosis!

Way back in 2005, the first team consisted of 18 people and raised $12K. In the years since then, they have grown into the largest Friends and Family team in New England and this year we will grow again! To date, their cyclists have brought over $725,000 to the fight against this horrible disease and they are just getting started! Their 10 year anniversary goal is $1,000,0000


You can donate to them directly on their Nation MS Society of the Greater New England Chapter's donation page. 


Also, Check out and joint their current events that Team Velox Rota has on Ticketbud!


Oh, did I mention that Team Velox Rota has raised over $725,000.... SEVEN-HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! That is unreal for a Friends and Family team and they will reach this years goal of  $1,000,000.


They are awesome and we are so proud to sponsor them.


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