Fantasy Sports Made Simple: Collect Payments & Registration For Your League

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Bust out the projections, listen to your most trusted analysts and start pretending you're the world's smartest GM: it's fantasy time! Whether you cruised to a league championship last year or crashed and burned on that "sleeper pick" strategy that just didn't pan out, a new year is another chance at repeat glory or redemption, respectively.

large_7952592872But wait! As any fantasy leaguer out there knows, much of the drama can happen way before the picks are made and the season starts. From rounding up a full league to collecting payments from "forgetful" members, getting the people and money together to actually start your league can often times be the most dramatic part! Don't worry though; Ticketbud is here to help!

Rather than having to constantly explain how and where to join your league or run around bothering league members to pay up, Ticketbud gives you your own personal webpage to direct potential members. On your event page, you can include details about the league and draft, customize the colors and fonts and even set the date and time of the draft!

Best of all, you can setup your page to collect payments or registrations from members! Using one of our payment options, you can easily allow your league members to pay their league fee online with a credit card or simply RSVP for free that they would like to join the league, saving you time, energy and lots of hair-pulling trying to track down "that person" that never pays.

Using event registration software used for full-scale music festivals, races, airshows and more, Ticketbud was designed to help your manage It's free to sign-up and start creating an event webpage so take Ticketbud for a spin and add some style and organization to your fantasy league!

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