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Posted in Event Marketing, Guest Blog on May 26, 2016
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We've received a lot of requests lately asking for tips and tricks on starting out as an event planner.
So, who better to go to than the source - actual event planners that use Ticketbud! Today I'm happy to introduce the first guest to our Event Planner Spotlight: Elizabeth (Corr) Sheils of Bridal Bliss Event Planning. She is part of a star-studded team that has been consistently voted as the best Portland wedding planners and Event Coordinators for weddings.

As a prompt, I asked her the following questions:

  • How did you get started planning weddings?
  • What did you learn along the way and what did you wish you'd known beforehand?

With these questions in mind, here is her response:

Wedding and Event planning is an exciting and always evolving industry. It’s fast paced; customer service focused and because of this can be tricky to get into. So when Ticketbud asked me how I got into the industry – I thought it would be such a great opportunity to share some tips and ideas for how to break in!

After graduating from college I got my first job and soon realized, a desk was not for me. I love being around people, my personality is to be a people-pleaser and I love planning. While working my first job out of college, I realized my skill set might be better suited for weddings and events. Not wanting to waste anytime, I dove in headfirst and began interning / assisting for a wedding planning company called Bridal Bliss.

I cannot recommend interning / assisting enough to someone who is looking to get into the industry. While you might not be exposed to every facet of the job, getting this exposure is important to learning if you truly love working in the industry. I took the opportunity to assist for Bridal Bliss and at the same time also involved myself in other areas of weddings and events including wedding dresses, invitations and event management. With any spare time in the summer I volunteered at various events immersing myself in the industry and meeting lots of people along the way.

Looking back now after being in the industry for almost 9 years, I am so glad I took the time to gain valuable experience in different areas of the industry. While breaking into the industry took a few years and working part time jobs here and there– this industry was my calling.

There are a few things I would pass along as tips to anyone wanting to get into the industry aside from assisting and interning. One of the biggest things I think is essential is to connect with people in the industry. Vendors, other coordinators, venues, etc. everyone works together and it’s important to take the time and get to know people. Learn what they do, what they offer, and why they are good at what they do. Creating a community in the industry is crucial. We all have the same common end goal, which is a successful event and happy clients. By creating and fostering a community, it promotes community rather than competition. And while it may seem counterintuitive, the community you build is what will support and allow you to grow your own business.

And lastly do not give your services for free. It can be hard to break into any new industry but it is important to also know your worth.


Want more info on Elizabeth and her team? Check out the Bridal Bliss wedding blog . 


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