Ticketbud's "Interactive Event Page Editor"

Posted in Spotlights, Ticketbud Tips and Tools, Why Ticketbud? on September 25, 2013

In looking at event creation processes across the industry we noticed one consistent, glaring problem; the space where you edited your event page was completely separate from the page itself. In other words, you could not tell what your creation and edits would like without be forced to go to another page to see them. For an organizer simply trying to quickly setup their event page, this caused confusion and frustration and, ultimately, led to an unpleasant experience.

With this in mind, we set out to design an event creation process that avoided this needless obstruction and the result is Ticketbud's "Interactive Event Page Editor"! Created to make setting up your event as easy as possible, you can now edit your event in the exact same space it will be displayed. Never play the guessing game again!

Move your mouse over the image below to see the difference between the Editor page and event page itself.

Our "Interactive Event Page Editor" allows you to stay on the same page by making edits as easy as clicking the image or text you want to change. If you want to change the location of your event, for example, simply click on the text and a pop-up window allows you to make that quick change in a matter of seconds!

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 12.00.22 PM

If you want to add an image to the event, simply upload or drag the photo into the area and the image will automatically load. This enables you to see what you're doing as you're doing it, rather than having to wait and then leave the page to see a preview of the changes you've made.


In keeping your edits in the same format as your event page, you can quickly get a feel of how your event page will look, making it easier and more efficient to setup your event and start selling tickets! Create a free account on TicketbudĀ and try our editor in action for yourself!

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