Know More Tools, Sell More Tickets With Ticketbud's Webinars

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A lot of preparation and work goes into planning, organizing and executing an event and, at Ticketbud, our job is to make online ticketing and registration the easiest and most seamless part of that process.

To help you as you sell tickets, promote and manage your event, Ticketbud now provides weekly webinars covering a variety of topics dedicated to keeping you informed and knowledgeable about how to throw a successful event.

Know More

These webinars are a great way to get an in-depth look at some of the most useful features and tools on Ticketbud.

Hosted LIVE by members of the Ticketbud Team, each webinar will walk you through a specific tool or topic, allowing you to see first-hand how you can apply it to your event.

Ask Questions!

Ticketbud WebinarOur webinars are designed with our event organizers & attendees in mind! Send us questions before the webinar and we'll be sure to address them as a talking point when we're live.

Each webinar also contains a Q&A session so feel free to ask any questions you might have during the webinar using the easy-to-find Google+ "Questions" feature.

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Look for our upcoming webinars on our Google+ page and send us your own recommendations for future topics. See you at the next webinar!

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